“It’s Not Whether You Win Or Lose, It’s How You Play The Game.”
Want to know the difference between the wealthiest online service providers and those who stay broke and stuck, still dreaming of “the life of their dreams”?
There’s really only ONE reason you’re not as successful as you want to be, but it’s a BIGGIE.  
What if every day you could wake up,
roll out of bed, and, when you’re ready to work, take your...

hot cup of coffee...
green smoothie...
hot fudge sundae...
over to an organized workspace with all of your favorite things.
Everything you need is organized and easy to find.

And it’s only steps away.  

You’ve left break rooms and sterile office buildings behind. 
 You take breaks at your favorite...
overlooking your favorite city scene,
or on your back deck with a good book.

You’re working every day where you want and when you want
in a business that you designed yourself.

On your own terms. 
You can have that...
and it can be sooner than you think.
We DO NOT want that for you.
Let's say NO to wasted investments, rabbit trails, or teary nights wondering what on Earth made you decide to start a business.
This is WHAT you can have. We have it ourselves {more on us later}, and have helped many women just like you...accomplish the same.
The successful online service providers know
how to capitalize on in-demand digital marketing skills and services.
And yes, they understand how to create powerful and profitable offers in their online businesses....
But there’s more to it than that.
Shhhhhhhh, it’s a secret.
There’s really only ONE reason you’re not as successful as you want to be, but it’s a BIGGIE.
Curious? You should be.
But first...

Look around you. Are you just another brick in the wall of the digital realm? Your business is invisible, you’re underpaid, frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck...

Stop. Just, stop it.

Be the architect of those wild dreams and build your empire by learning the ONE REASON, the BIGGIE, the top-secret SECRET behind the success of the wealthiest online service providers in the world.
Hint: It’s Not About The Hustle.
While everyone around you busts their asses for new work and new clients, the successful providers understand…

Skills and opportunities will come faster than you can say #showmethemoney, when you hook into the right network of people.

Who’s On Your Team?
Strategic and powerful connections with others are the
fuel to your fire and the salt to your pepper…
your skills and business will grow when you know the right people. 
Time and again we hear from our members that learning skills and finding clients were all they focused on at first (and this is where lots of programs focus as well), but then quickly realized just how much mindset, time management, and expectations play a role in whether or not you can successfully make your business last.

Even when you have acquired skills to market, built your website, and even landed a few clients….

  • Comparison-itis
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Unrealistic expectations for yourself and clients
  • The freelance emotional rollercoaster
  • Family, spouse, and kid obligations and expectations
  • Inefficient lifestyle habits
  • Poor self-worth
...they threaten to derail every success. The more you grow, the more obvious these problems become, and it’s not too dramatic to say that the above list can force you out of your business as fast as you got in.
If your business isn’t started yet, getting these problems out of the way before you start, is like clearing a plot of land full of boulders so you can place your house’s foundation. You’ll be saving yourself a heap of trouble down the line.
Here’s why….
Businesses aren’t built in a vacuum.
If you have a family or a 9-5 job, you don’t have the luxury of a 40 hour work week...
You need to learn how to manage your time and hold onto your sanity even when you’re trying to develop your freelance career while still holding your 9-5 job or watching a gaggle of children.
Anxiety, self-doubt, and fear don’t go away once you strike out on your own. If you’re prone to these emotions in life, they won’t go away in business...
Freelance work is a roller coaster of emotions. Learning how to set realistic expectations helps keep the lows not so low.
Family and friends aren’t always the biggest cheerleaders...
In fact, they can be the opposite. “What are you doing?” “Isn’t this just an Internet scam?” “Why do you have to be so selfish? Just get a 9-5 like everyone else.” “You’re so ungrateful. Most people would kill for a job.” How do you hang on to your fortitude when people don’t understand what you do or why you’re doing it?
Freelance work can set you up to be a slave to clients...
Especially if you’re coming from an employee mindset, once you start assisting others virtually, it’s easy to fall into a relational dynamic with a client that makes you feel like you have to earn your position, answer their every whim, and fear their wrath (because of a bad review).
There are all kinds of new soft skills you’ll need that you’ve never used in a 9-5...
Like, how to stand up for yourself respectfully in negotiations and in communications without sacrificing or over-delivering, or how to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of one two hour block of time.
We know firsthand the sabotaging effects our mindset and habits can have on business. 
We’ve seen it happen to us as individuals and we’ve seen it time and again in our members. 
But there’s good news! 
Whether you’re on your first client or your 50th, taking time to remove these obstacles ensures that you’re setting yourself up for long term stability.
Reflect, for a minute, on why YOU chose to build your freelance career …
… for your children or family?
… for the chance to be your own boss?
… for the flexibility to set your own hours and schedule?
… because of your passion?
Whatever your reasons for starting your business, there are unique considerations that freelancers deal with every day that most regular job holders don’t have to face.
We want to help you….
  • Navigate the complexity of being your own boss yet having clients you “work for”
  • Figure out how to structure your time and your office so that you’re productive and efficient
  • Crush self-doubts that seem to insist on riding shotgun while we work on closing sales
  • Recognize when your expectations are all out of whack because you are following “gurus” who only show you their highlight reel
  • Set guidelines to navigate the highs and the lows so you’re not whiplashed every other day

Need to hear no more? Ready to go? Click below to...
The Happy Freelancer: 
Six Foundations to a Fail-Proof Lifestyle Business 
...is for freelance entrepreneurs like you who want to overcome mindset/lifestyle challenges when they creep up so as to not jeopardize their business goals and dreams.
  • Manage your expectations and ride the highs and lows of owning your own business
  • Manage the most precious of all resources for the entrepreneur...time
  • Build confidence in your skills or as you expand your business.
  • Be as productive as possible in the time you have, from choosing the right clients and managing your home routines.
  • Handle the lack of support and understanding when family or friends don’t support your freelance lifestyle.
  • Assert yourself with clients so you can maintain your power and independence, yet still be a welcome member of your client’s team!
While other VA and freelance coaches and mentors may give a brief nod with trite advice to the thinking that gets in our way of success, we speak from experience - our own, and the experiences of hundreds of our members. 

We support them with these very issues in our private Facebook group for students of Create Your Laptop Life, and we see these issues in our other Facebook group, VA and Freelance Lifestyle Mastermind. 
We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it, hand in hand, with our MEMBERS.
Trust us when we say...
“We Have Your Back.”
So plug in, power up and stretch those legs - you, my friend, were not born to be a benchwarmer. You’re a player and you know it.

Imagine how much easier it would be to…

• Raise your prices
• Take a risky project you’ve never tried before
• Craft a new offer
• Build a team

...if you knew there were 500+ smart and skilled women who had your back? Plug into the network, the hivemind, the team.

A Day In The Life Of An Online Service Provider:
When Shit Get’s Real
This morning you woke to find a nasty email from a client, unhappy with your work and blaming you for something you had nothing to do with. How do you salvage the work, still get paid, and not lose the contract or your reputation?
Unplugged + Unpowered
  • Cry, stew for 3 hours, eat cake, and reluctantly kiss your client’s ass by taking the blame you don’t deserve just to smooth things out. 
  • Ask advice from your best friend (who doesn’t even know what online business is) and conclude that your client is “bat shit cray”. Repeat the strategy as outlined in A.
  • Immediately jump into your accountability group online, and vent ALL your frustration. Screenshots, hashtags, mean devil emojis galore. Once you’ve cleared your head, you read through all the heartfelt and thoughtful responses of your colleagues, and draft a response.
  • You sit on it, and then send an email to your support mentor and request a review. You hear back from her, and after a few tweaks and rewrites, the message gets sent off and you aren’t checking 8 million times an hour to see if you’ve salvaged the relationship. You KNOW you handled it well.
A colleague emails you with the mother of all leads. The project is BIGGER than anything you’ve ever done, and you’re not sure of pricing, tools, or even how the hell to get it done, but YOU WANT IT. This contract could mean a new car or kitchen. What do you do?
Unplugged + Unpowered
  • In this case, you don’t even HAVE the opportunity, because somehow you thought “FREELANCE” or “SOLOPRENEUR” meant alone and you’ve not spent time cultivating relationships that bring business like this. Oopsies.
  • Let’s say you DID get the lead... you lose approximately 4 nights of sleep Googling things like, “what is a sales funnel” and “how do I make a box thingy pop up on a website”. You obsess over who you can bring in to help with the geeky coding stuff and never mind trying to figure out WHAT PRICE is a good price. It’s like throwing darts blindfolded, drunk, and upside down. Time to panic.
  • As soon as the lead arrives in your inbox, you email the colleague who sent it, and pop on Skype to talk psychology. Who is the client, what is their pain point, and how can you create a proposal that BLOWS them away? Once you’re clear on that, you reach out to your network of skilled freelancers, and get quotes and availability from them. Finally, you confer with a group of 500 people -- what price is right. By the time the proposal goes out, you’re ON THE BALL. It’s a shoe-in. Hello quartz countertops and fancy new backsplash.
Some of our peeps....
Participation trophies don't pay bills.
It’s Never NOT About WINNING
when you're trying to make a living.
You’re not in this for shits n’ giggles.
You want real, tangible, SUCCESS. 
When you join a POWERHOUSE network of online service providers that have your back, you’re plugging into an unparalleled collective of wisdom skill, and business acumen. 
You’re on the TEAM, baby.

It’s almost as easy as sleeping on a textbook under your pillow and acquiring the whole book of knowledge in one night’s sleep.

Wouldn’t building a successful online business be easier if you had access to coaching from leaders in the industry coupled with the support of peers where you could ask your what ifs?

Where are you hung up RIGHT NOW TODAY?
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed by the details of running a successful business
    (important but annoying, irksome, and maddening)
  • You’ve made a start and built a business but have no idea what to do next
    (watch Netflix, lay on the floor and cry, or eat cake)
  • You don’t know where to turn when you have questions or hit a snag
    (Google hates you)
  • You long for a community of people who understand why you haven’t showered in 3 days
    (or was it 4?)
  • You’re plagued by shiny object syndrome and squander time doing things you don’t need to be doing…
Click to read more about
your mentor Julie
Click to read more about
your mentor Madelaine
No matter your status or where you fall on the scale of experience, get feedback when you’re stuck by tapping into the massive strength of our brilliant hive in…
The CreaTE Your LAptop Life™ Network
(We call it The CYLL Network for short)
The CYLL Network is a business + lifestyle community that accelerates your growth FASTER than you could ever do alone.
The CYLL Network is IT. The Top-Secret Secret, THE BIGGIE. 

It’s the difference between the burned out and simultaneously desperate service providers (undercharging… floundering…. ready to call it quits…)

from the savagely smart + profitable online entrepreneurs.
Who is the CYLL NETWORK for?
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Course Creators
  • Copywriters
  • Artists & Illustrators
  • Executive & Admin Assistants
  • Writers & Bloggers
  • IT Help & Geeky Coders
  • Videographers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Sales Funnel Builders
  • DIY Business Owners
  • Online Business Managers
  • Web Designers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Managers
(+ who is inside)?
We are people who can mix business with pleasure because we have that choice. We are free to vacation while working or work while vacationing because we have that choice.

We are peers and friends who share our experience, make valuable connections, build skills, talk “shop”, and partner together for bigger, better, and more profitable business ventures.

We live ALL over the world, and work virtually (and sometimes in-person too) with other providers that GET what it means to be an online business owner.
What Happens INSIDE The CYLL Network?
Business ideas are born. Have you ever met an entrepreneur that didn’t have exactly 613 ideas at any given moment? Now multiply that by 500+ whip-smart minds.

Friendships are made. Because how can you not be friends with someone who just saved your ass by helping you fix that glitch in the client website you’re building.

Skills are developed. From writing sales copy to automating emails… choose your own adventure. Talk "shop" with others who are focusing in on their own skill development.

Risks are taken. Damn right you just raised your prices.

Mindsets are changed. THIS. This is all possible.

Lives are TRANSFORMED. You’re making money doing what you LOVE. Perfection.
The CYLL Network is founded upon 2 strategic PRINCIPLES that’ll make you a potent and competitive player in the digital realm:
#1. Strategic Partners, Connections, and Business Opportunities: Capitalize on peer-to-peer collaborations, referrals, and reputable job opportunities that come from being a part of such a high quality brand.

#2. Friendship, Support, and Mindset Transformation: Because working from home doesn’t have to mean you're isolated and lacking camaraderie or missing out on opportunities afforded to those who work around actual humans.
What do you GET when you join The CYLL Network?
You get 1 year of unabashed awesome.
365 days of group support in the CYLL Facebook Group: Tap into the hivemind of this bunch of smarties. Call on the power of your seasoned peers for answers, support, and commiseration. You might also encounter wit, sarcasm, self-deprecation, and gross humor. #bonus This is unlike any other Facebook group you’ve seen. We promise. Cross our hearts and hope to die.
52 Weeks of LIVE Q&A CALLS: This is your chance to ask the experts! Get answers to tech questions, advice on client/customer concerns, and support with general business issues. Try your hardest to stump the sage and win bragging rights for the remainder of your time in the program. Calls happen weekly and feature Julie + Madelaine live.
365 days of support in our CYLL Pod Small Groups via Slack & Zoom: Seek peer to peer support and meet weekly with a smaller group of colleagues and friends. You'll have a private Slack channel plus weekly Zoom meetings to build business ideas, partnerships, and skills. Want to see our fearless pod leaders? You can do so here.
Weekly Sunday Recap Newsletter: Hear about useful business resources, skim the best threads of the week, get your news in one place, and keep on top of Network updates. The Weekly newsletter keeps you up-to-date on opportunities, events, meet ups, and any additional workshops and trainings.
Exclusive Job Opps: Only for online service providers through our Create Your Laptop Team business arm. Every connection we make, comes through our hire form DIRECTLY into the CYLL Network Facebook Group. #yesplease
CYLL TV: Our library of free webinars, FB livestreams, any special workshops, and recordings over the past year and going forward. Never worry about missing something new. It's all stored in the CYLL TV vault!**
Live Event Invites: Aside from the ongoing global meet ups around the world, The CYLL Network hosts two live events a year, and you're invited to both as an exclusive CYLL Network member. UPCOMING for early 2018, a Winter Weekend CYLL Family Getaway at Woodloch Resort. So much awesome.
**CYLL TV is different than our skills training. While we do talk about business mindset, proposals, money, and all sorts of other things in CYLL TV, CYLL TV is NOT to be confused with skills training in the Academy.
Is this for you? MAYBE.
We’d be lying if we said this program is for everyone.

It’s not for people who want to “sit back and see what happens”. Your level of success depends on your willingness to participate.

It’s not for people who think they have nothing left to learn. 

It's not for people who think relationships aren't important in business.

And it’s not for people who aren’t 1000% ready and determined to make changes by doing the work as laid out by a couple of really smart women and their tribe of other really smart women.
Whatever your objections or reasons for not pulling the trigger on this glorious unicorn, we get it. We get ALL OF IT because you’re one of us and though you can’t see it yet....

Believe us when we say that when you plug in to the right outlet and begin to run at full capacity… look the hell out.

So what is it?

You don’t have enough money to join?
That right there means you need to join.

You’re scared?
That’s great! It means you have something to lose. Let us help you do so much more than not lose that thing you’re scared to lose.
We’d ask if you’d like to go to second base, but that sounds awfully forward… instead, how about the next chapter?
Ready To Play Ball?
What does $17 a month mean to you? That's about $.56 a day. Skipping the LARGE on your latte in exchange for a business network that gets you where you need to go, with WHO you need to go with.

Whatever $.56 translates to inside a day of your life, know this: When you join The CYLL Network, it’ll come back to you. FAST. In 6-12 months, you’ll look back and laugh and laugh at how it made you sweat. That initial chunk of change you were so reluctant to part with will be the very best thing you ever did for your business. 
One year subscription to the cyll network
Billed annually at $199 a year.
  • 365 Days of Facebook Group Support
  • 52 LIVE Q&A Calls with Julie + Madelaine
  • 365 Days of Small Group Pods via Slack & Zoom
  • The Weekly Sunday Recap Newsletter
  • Exclusive Job Opps through CYLL Business
  • The CYLL TV Library
  • Access + Invites to Live Event Meetups and Conferences
Can I cancel my membership anytime?
Yes you can. We will not hold you hostage.
Do you give out refunds if we're not satisfied?
No. There are no refunds on the membership. Please consider this before purchasing. PLEASE note, there are no exceptions. Our community is valuable as is our time. When you join, you commit to the group.
Does the membership come with skills training?
The skills training can be purchased in the CYLL Academy and since all skills trainings are 1-off purchases, no they do NOT come with the CYLL Network subscription.
Do I get a rebate or discount if I can't attend live events?
No, since the CYLL Network membership is a huge value on its own, we've priced it as such. The live event invites are a perk.
Do you guarantee job opportunities for me?
In an ideal world, we would LOVE this, but no we cannot. What we can promise is that we work our butts off to create a reputation that helps us find people looking for work. We are always trying to make new connections.
Do I get to pick my pod group when I join?
There's a form that you fill out and we place you in the pod that works best for you time wise.
What about the old $97/m offer I remember seeing?
That offer is no more. The $97/m subscription included skills training and these are now affordably priced in the Academy to help further your learning as you need them! You can get a network membership + Academy courses for about the same price. Except this time, you choose your own adventure. :)
Are there any new things I should consider before joining?
Well, glad you asked! We are getting ready to release a new flagship mastermind, The #digitalgangsta, and it does come with a discount if you are a CYLL Network member. :) You will get $200 off the price of the course when it opens.
Does a network like this REALLY make a difference?
YES. OMG, yes. It's the difference between a sparkler and a firework. People do business with people. The faster you connect with people, the closer you get to the money (and life) you envision. But you get out of it what you put in. It can and will change your life. Or it won't. Your call.
What happens if I don't like it?
Well, chances are - out of 450+ people, there is going to be SOMEONE you connect with. Everyone in the group is a paid invested member. This brings a level of commitment that many of the free groups just don't have. We will say this...if you're super risk averse, that's a problem this sales page can't help with! Feel free to ask people in our free group if the paid group is worth it.
There are a million FB groups. I don't need another!
We know the feeling. But believe it or not, there is a HUGE difference between a time-suck FB group, and one where each thread is like a blog post of meaty awesome goodness. We do livestreams as well, weekly LIVE Q&A calls, plus the support and response time is INSANE. This is not just another FB group. But you gotta take a risk to experience it. :-) And remember, there's small group accountability as well in Slack and via Zoom.
I need skills. Shouldn't I just buy a course and not bother with all this networking crap.
You need both my friend. Those who build their monster skills in isolation will crack under the stress of entrepreneurship. Plus, it'll be damn hard to find work. We've made the CYLL Network like the Nitro-Addon to our Academy so you can join before, during, or after the purchase of any of our programs.
Ready To Play Ball?
One year subscription to the cyll network
Billed annually at $199 a year.
  • 365 Days of Facebook Group Support
  • 52 LIVE Q&A Calls with Julie + Madelaine
  • 365 Days of Small Group Pods via Slack & Zoom
  • The Weekly Sunday Recap Newsletter
  • Exclusive Job Opps through CYLL Business
  • The CYLL TV Library
  • Access + Invites to Live Event Meetups and Conferences