What if every day you could wake up,
roll out of bed, and, when you’re ready to work, take your...

hot cup of coffee...
green smoothie...
hot fudge sundae...
over to an organized workspace with all of your favorite things.
Everything you need is organized and easy to find.

And it’s only steps away.  

You’ve left break rooms and sterile office buildings behind. 
 You take breaks at your favorite...
overlooking your favorite city scene,
or on your back deck with a good book.

You’re working every day where you want and when you want
in a business that you designed yourself.

On your own terms. 
You can have that...
and it can be sooner than you think.
We DO NOT want that for you.
Let's say NO to wasted investments, rabbit trails, or teary nights wondering what on Earth made you decide to start a business.
This is WHAT you can have. We have it ourselves {more on us later}, and have helped many women just like you...accomplish the same.
An Affiliate Marketing Mastermind That Reveals How To Scale Your Business and Add Thousands To Your Bottom Line
How would you like to add $1000-$4000 a month to your business EACH MONTH, wITHOUT ADDING MORE WORK to your plate?
In the last month, I've accrued over $20,000 in affiliate commissions as a Clickfunnels affiliate. Not only that, I just received a $1500 check from another company I market, several hundred from a couple of additional courses, and more. It's called Affiliate Marketing - and each month, I make thousands in affiliate income and that's because I know how to couple my offers with others - to make them irresistible!

I work with hundreds of service providers who ask me all the time, "How do I scale my business if I don't want to start an agency?" 

THIS. This is how. By working with companies with lucrative affiliate offers and Clickfunnels is one of the best companies to do this with.

When I came out as the #4 affiliate in Russell's Expert Secrets Book Contest, it put me on the map as a super affiliate :) and now - me...along with my sidekick and CF expert Jessie Valle, are going to teach you how.

And best of all...it's free for CF users who purchase under my link!
Here's the problem I see with most affiliates...

They just think they can run ads right to Russell's funnels.
They get their entire Ad Accounts disabled because they aren't careful about their copy and messaging.
They don't know how to craft relevant and irresistible offers to bundle with Clickfunnels.
They don't know how to make it a no-brainer for the customer.

So that's why I created....
A private group + training program designed to teach you how to make money as a CF Affiliate.
What's Included...
Access to people who are marketing CF and learning the tricks and tools of the trade to be a power affiliate. The private Facebook group will be a place to ask questions and get answers!
Marketing CF as an affiliate takes more than a few tutorials on FB ads. It takes a strategic mind to couple your business with CF in a way that makes your offer irresistible. Our 1x a month LIVE + recorded workshops will show you exactly what to do and how.
Need to hear no more? Ready to go? Click below to...
All the details...
About the CF Affiliate Mastermind
Each month, we'll release a workshop (done live and recorded) that will help you create, build, and sell offers that work with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program to help make you money.
We'll also use these workshops to teach you the ins and outs of Clickfunnels so you can sell it well.
We'll monitor and moderate a private FB group exclusively for those who want to focus on Affiliate Marketing with Clickfunnels.
The Mastermind is free to anyone who signs up for a CF account (Start Up or Etison) under Julie Stoian's Affiliate Link.
As long as your account remains active, you can participate in the FB group as well as participate in the live workshops (and watch the recordings). That's it. No additional fees!
If you are already a CF user and still want to participate, you can purchase the workshops and support separately (and we'll give you instructions on how to do that).
We look forward to seeing you!
The first all-day bootcamp happened on June 16th and it's recorded and available instantly when you sign up for the CF Affiliate Mastermind. 

Here's what we covered:
Craft Your Clickfunnels Affiliate Offer - You'll learn WHAT kind of irresistible offer you can put up against your affiliate link so that you can sell, sell, sell.
Write Your Offer - Understand how to write your offer so it's effective, compelling, and will get people hooked.
Design Your Offer Part I - This includes the tech and how-to of making a Clickfunnels offer page look smokin'
Design Your Offer Part II - We'll continue in the second hour with hooking it all up.
Sell Your Offer - Finally, how to sell your offer - both with ads and without.

In addition, we gave away a Lead Generation Affiliate Funnel plus some email swipe!
The second 2hr. bootcamp happened on July 21st and it's recorded and available instantly when you sign up for the CF Affiliate Mastermind. 

Here's what we covered:
How to find + close business owners- How to approach a business owner to begin working with them.
Pricing - How to price your services, when to offer free services vs. paid
The Funnel - How to set up their Lead Gen funnel so they are drooling and ready to go!
The Mechanics of Ads - How to actually RUN their ads!

In addition, we gave away a Groupon Share Funnel!
The 3rd 2hr. bootcamp was on August 11th at 2pm EST....

Here's what we covered...
How to use SEO to start ranking your blog posts with affiliate links
How to write great blog posts
How to run ads to your blog posts
How to add content upgrades to your blog posts.
The 4th workshop was all about marketing a current affiliate marketing campaign...

What to do during special marketing campaigns and launches. Listen to Julie's advice for affiliates as ClickFunnels launches their all-new cookbook and Marketplace. Details were covered in a FB Live in our private CF Affiliate Mastermind forum. 
The 5th bootcamp is coming in October...

We'll discuss leveraging YouTube as a ClickFunnels affiliate.
About the CF Affiliate Mastermind
How to get access to the CF Affiliate Mastermind
Sign up for an account below (you'll need a minimum of the Start Up plan which is $97 a month).

Email us at [email protected] to let us know you've purchased, and we'll put you on our list. As soon as your two-week trial runs out and your first payment goes through, we'll invite you to the Facebook group and give you access to the past and future trainings.
If you're not sure if you're under my link, you can email us at [email protected] and we'll confirm whether you are on the list.

If you are on the list, great! We'll get you in. Nothing more to do. :) If you're not on the list, you can purchase access to the CF Affiliate Mastermind by clicking the button below.

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